About Us

Axiom Evaluations provides innovative solutions that are unique and set us apart from the traditional IME industry.

About Us

We combine a wealth of industry knowledge with credentialed health care specialists from multiple disciplines to deliver the highest quality independent medical/legal reporting and support services, while conducting all interactions with examinees in a professional and respectful manner.

Our provider network consists of health care professionals who maintain active, community-based private practices and have up-to-date licensure and applicable certifications.  Every service is scheduled by our knowledgeable staff who will ensure that the examiner has the proper background to expertly assess all areas of concern.

Axiom Evaluations takes the confidentiality of medical records very seriously.  Our website has encryption to ensure that communications containing Protected Health Information are not compromised.  All charts are scanned to a secure cloud-based environment and paper versions are shredded in compliance with data privacy requirements.

URAC Accredited

Axiom Evaluations is URAC Accredited for Independent Medical Examinations. URAC is the only national accrediting organization to offer an Independent Medical Examination Accreditation Program. With this accreditation, Axiom Evaluations assures its customers, providers and examinees that they meet rigorous clinical and operations standards, measured against national benchmarks.

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