Project Description

Peer and Radiology Reviews

Peer Review and Radiology Review services are comprehensive reviews of existing medical records and/or diagnostic studies that are performed when a physical examination of the injured party is impractical or the questions involved in the claim do not involve their current status.  Peer and Radiology reviewers are available for depositions and testimony, if required.

Reports & Quality Assurance

Axiom’s Peer Review and Radiology Review reports will always contain the following elements:

  • Listing of the records and/or studies provided for review

  • Detailed commentary on pertinent records

  • Opinion and responses to all questions posed by the referring party

Our Quality Assurance team reviews all Peer Review and Radiology Review reports for typographical errors, clarity and consistency, and to ensure all questions posed by the referral source have been answered clearly.  All reports are reviewed and signed by the evaluator.  The QA team also coordinates addendum reports when new information becomes available.


Monday – Friday 8:30 – 5:00
Saturday By Appointment
Sunday Closed